College Football Reports 2013

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About the Reports

  • All report data is created from SDQL queries from
  • All queries are generated from an R program that generates the queries, reads the results, performs addtional calculations, and formats the HTML output
  • The front page for each week is a table containing all of the games for that week
  • The site from the Site column applies to the team listed in the Team column
  • Clicking the Team link for any game will bring up full matchup data for that game
  • The matchup data includes:
    • A table of each team’s entire season results with running SU and ATS records
    • A table of the head to head results dating back to 1980 with running SU and ATS records
  • The records for the head to head matchups start with the most recent game so you can easily see the record for any number of games back you deem relevant
  • I am not certain what the source of the lines is but if the source is consistent I don’t really care so much
  • Only games with an established line are included
  • SU=straight up, ATS=against the spread, m=margin, r=result, all=games at all sites, site=games at this specific site